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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cryptophiles Episode 9

 It's that time again! Kelly and Jesse are back with stories of the paranormal, cryptozoology and legend. So climb aboard the SST Crypto One and let them fly you off to Vietnam, Navajo Country, Kentucky, Texas and all other points abroad.

Kelly tells a harrowing story about the 1955  Kelly - Hopkinsville Extraterrestial Encounter.
Listen as Billy Ray Taylor, Lucky Sutton and his family are terrorized by goblin-like creatures!

Jesse shares a story of the weird and bizarre tales told by US military men of encounters with Winged Wonder Women, Glowing Beings and a Friendly Giants. Are these men just Beaucoup Dinky Dau or did they really see these amazing creatures.

The Entity Under the Motel Bed-
A story of a 10 year old brush with the paranormal.
Glowing red eyes, choking hands and red marks around the child's neck.  Was there something living beneath that bed?

Kelly, reads John Green's story of being kidnapped by a family of Bigfoot! Did it really happen or was it just a tall tale?

Drop Kelly or Jesse a line, send them feedback or give them an idea of a cryptid to research and discuss.

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