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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cryptophiles Episode 10

Let's celebrate with Jesse and Kelly, they have reached Episode 10!

Lets all climb on board the SST Crypto-One and travel to England, India, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Sunny California!

We have stories of the mysterious Bhootbilli. What is eating the pigeons of a poor farmer in Pune India?

What's the deal with the Castle Ring in Cannock Woods?

 We have centaurs, Momo and another installment of "The Perils of PA"

Thank you to all of our listeners! Every week the download numbers grow and it's an exciting thing to see. We appreciate your feedback and love to interact with all of you.

If you aren't part of the gang, come hang out with us and other crypto-enthusiasts in Facebook at the Cryptophiles group. You never know when Sissy Quatch my show up and post!

Drop Kelly or Jesse a line, send them feedback or give them an idea of a cryptid to research and discuss.

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