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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cryptophiles Episode 12

SST Crypto-1

The seatbelt and no smoking light
is lit, so sit down and strap yourself in as Commander Kelly and Commander Jesse take you to Africa, South America and layover in Alberta, Canada to interview Sasquatch Researcher, Cori Anne.

Cori Anne


The guys have stories of gargoyles attacking a frightened family.

Dogan Tribe
African Witches fly the night skies and the Dogan Tribe had knowledge of Sirius and its planets long before modern astronomy did.

Aliens, Jurrasic Sharks, and a haunted railway story for the Perils of PA.

A big thank you to Cori Anne for taking the time to sit and talk with the guys. Make sure to visit her blog listed below.

Thank you to Boss Butcher, Alan, Christian, Mel and all of our listeners! We appreciate your feedback and love to interact with all of you.

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  1. i went to download the episode and nothing was there.
    Karen Sue Nye
    The Search For Sassy

  2. Thanks again for having me on guys!!